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Unlocking the potential benefits of seaweed


AlgOz Solutions Pty Ltd is a company focused on creating a range of products from Australian farmed seaweeds.

About Us

Our Values

We are determined to produce the highest quality products from sustainably cultured Australian seaweeds, using energy efficient and environmentally friendly processing technologies.



Farming seaweed requires no arable land, very little or no fresh water and no fertilizers. Seaweed can be grown in tanks on land, or be farmed in the ocean where they not only soak up carbon but can potentially reduce effects of eutrophication.



AlgOz is developing a biorefinery approach to extraction, where we plan to utilise all parts of the seaweed rather than just extract one or two components and discard the rest. We are developing novel extraction technologies and new and innovative products for human and animal health as well as biodegradable substitutes for petrochemical based plastics.



AlgOz has significant expertise in extraction of high value components from seaweed as well as advanced processing technologies. AlgOz also has expertise in distribution and commercialisation of high value products for promotion of human health.

Our Solutions

We are developing an integrated and holistic approach to creating value from farmed seaweed. Our products will range from food products with high nutritional value through nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals to products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Our biorefinery approach will ensure that as much as possible of the seaweeds will be utilised, creating minimal waste.


AlgOz can help with R&D related to extraction and formulation of high value products from seaweed and plants as well as fungi.

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AlgOz has representation in both NSW and Queensland - Feel free to contact us for further information.

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Our Projects

We are currently working on projects relating to identifying and extracting high value components from several types of seaweed - Brown (Phaeophyta)
Green (Chlorophyta) and Red (Rhodophyta). In addition we aim to develop biodegradable materials to substitute plastics made from petrochemicals.

Partners and Partnering

We have partnered with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and select seaweed growers, who are able to deliver pristine, farmed seaweed for our products.
We are happy to engage with additional seaweed farmers as well companies looking for supply of high quality Australian seaweed products.

For More Information

To find out more about our research, please contact us via the link below.